Cyber Security services

Cyber Security & Incident Response

 We  offer several network set up and security solutions to small and  medium sized  business as well as individuals in need of information assurance. We  have specialized services which are tailored towards  small business  owners in need of information security. Our services are designed to help small business reduce the cost associated with expensive cyber security monitoring, we have a unique  approach which  provides clients with full network set up and security,  but also  educates them about having a layered defense and how to  protect  information assets as well as disaster preparation and data  backups. We  assist clients with  not just securing their networks but  making sure  they have a layered defense and that all of their  information resources  are available when they need them most. 

 Many organizations lack a  dedicated IT security professional on staff, due to the cost. Our  managed Cyber Security as a Service model enables our clients to delay  or even forgo hiring a costly, full-time security staff member so they  pay only for the services their unique organizations require. Most  attackers purposely target small and medium sized business because they  know that they may not have the resources or personnel to effectively  manage their cyber security functions. Our security professionals and  analysts are experienced across a full range of information  security-related disciplines. Applying this experience and expertise, we  have developed a package of security services that includes the  following:

  • Security set up and configuration, consisting of both hardware and software
  • Policy creation including acceptable use 
  • Routine network vulnerability scans
  • Event logging
  • Threat detection network and host intrusion detection
  • Mock-phishing exercises
  • Employee security-awareness webinars
  • Security newsletters
  • Critical assets security monitoring
  • Incident response and forensic investigations
  • Business continuity
  • Much More

These services increase an  organization’s information security and minimize the impact in the event  of a compromise. Services start as low as $99 a month and are  completely customizable based on the needs of your organization.


Cyber Security Services

Security Configuration & Set up


We provide onsite set up and configuration of security appliances. In addition we provide some basic training on these devices to your staff.

Intrusion Monitoring


Or SMB services actively monitor your network and host machines for threats. 

Security Policies & Training


We can assist your organization with the creation of a cyber security policy as well as training for employees. 

Digital Forensic Investigations


At some point every organization will have a security related incident. Our digital forensic services give businesses the peace of mind to know that we can investigate any cyber incident to identify its root cause and help assess the damage. 

Tech Support


Need some extra support we’ve got you covered. Our remote tech support capabilities allow us to log in and help you troubleshoot all types of devices. 

Vulnerability Scans


Our routine vulnerability scans help organizations identify vulnerabilities within there systems and networks as well as remediate possible threats.