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  • “Working with Elite Digital Forensics is a real benefit to my clients, there’s a knowledge, understanding of how cases work, and creativity for building defense theories that is a real value to the process. I will continue to use them as my forensic experts of choice. “

  • Ransomware

    My company had a business cyber breach, and I had no idea how to handle all the details. I know the bare minimum about digital forensics services, so it seemed overwhelming at first. I called Elite Digital Forensics and immediately felt better after hanging up. They made the entire process so easy for me, they knew every step that had to be taken to fix the issue and more importantly prevent it from happening again! I’m grateful and can’t recommend them enough!!!

  • Hacking Investigation

    I reached out to Elite Digital Forensics after spending nearly two years running from a prior partner. He has continued to hack all my accounts and post my private conversations on different social media platforms. Casey assisted me in a Cloud Analysis and then getting my cloud shut down after his investigation. There are still some other steps I am needing to take; however, Casey was so attentive through this entire process. It has been one of the most stressful processes for me, however he made some great suggestions which resulted in me contacting my local police station again. I cannot thank their company enough for all the steps they have done to help me get my life back. I am hopeful to have all my privacy back very soon 🙂

  • Data Recovery

    Casey was incredibly easy to work with and very professional. He was open, honest, thorough, and communicative throughout this process, which I appreciated particularly given the sensitivity of my situation. He fast-tracked completion of my request, and I had my device back within a week.

    I will definitely be using Elite Digital Forensics again for my electronic data recovery needs. Thank you!

  • Hacking Investigation

    When I suspected my phone was hacked, I turned to Elite Digital Forensics. Their team conducted a comprehensive analysis and uncovered hidden malware that was compromising my personal information. Their swift action and detailed report helped me secure my phone and protect my data.

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  • Analyzed a windows computer to establish a timeline of application usage and internet history.
  • Uncovered Evidence of Hacking on a persons cell phone. 
  • Recovered over 500 deleted text messages from an Apple iPhone 5
  • Testified as a subject matter expert in a murder trial about cell phone forensics.
  • Analyzed a windows computer for evidence of hacking.
  • Completed a spyware investigation on a cell phone and laptop. 
  • Completed cell phone investigation on an iPhone to uncover evidence of a compromise for client.
  • Analyzed a Samsung Phone to recover deleted pictures and texts for an divorce investigation. 
  • Analyzed an Apple iPhone to locate chat messages as part of a criminal investigation. 
  • Analyzed and mapped ATT&T call detail records and cell towers for a law firm to show a person was not in a crime when it occurred. 
  • Consulted on a case and provided expert testimony for a law firm on cell phone forensics.
  • If you need  Cell Phone Forensic Services contact us today.