Technical Support Solutions

Technical Support Solutions

Technical Support SolutionsTechnical Support SolutionsTechnical Support Solutions

Turning Data Into Intelligence

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Professional Tech Support Services

 U.S. Cyber is a professional advisory and consulting company specializing in Information Technology Support, Cyber Security, Digital Forensic Investigations, Incident Response and Cyber Risk. We have a proven track record of success and provide our clients with professional services they can count on. 

We specialize in the following core services:

Information Technology Services

Fully Managed I.T. Services for Businesses & Individuals

Security Set up (Physical & Cyber)

Cyber Security Monitoring (IDS/IPS)

Network Management 

Desktop/Laptop Maintenance

Server Maintenance

Vulnerability Scans & Patching 

Antivirus Scanning and Removal 

Tech Support (Remote & Onsite)

Incident Investigations

Usage Monitoring

High Tech Support Services

Business Consulting (Using Technology to increase efficiency & reduce downtime) 


Digital Forensic Services

Computer Forensics

Cell Phone Forensics & Data Extractions

Cloud Forensics

CDR Analysis & Cell Tower Mapping

Incident Response

Forensic Imaging & Acquisitions

Cyber Investigations

Network Forensics

Cyber Security & Breach Investigations

Employee Misconduct Investigations

Expert Witness Testimony & Consulting


Nationwide Services

 Certain services can be engaged from anywhere in the U.S. you simply email us the data or mail us the device. We do the forensic analysis and you receive a professional report and expert opinion, its that easy. For Tech support problems we can often remote into systems to help quickly analyze the problem and get you back up in running in no time. We turn your digital data into actionable intelligence.


Services you can trust!

At U.S. Cyber Corp, we are subject matter experts that have years of hands on experience working in the field of Information Technology and Cyber Investigations.  We have worked on cases and I.T. projects big and small for businesses and residential clients.

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