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Cell Phone Hacking Investigations

If you think your devices or accounts have been hacked, it’s critical to act swiftly and seek professional help! The longer you wait, the more damage hackers can do. Book a free consultation with a cell phone forensic investigator today. At Elite Digital Forensics, we specialize in comprehensive cell phone hacking investigations, delving deep into the digital footprint left by hacker to uncover the truth. Our expert team employs state-of-the-art forensic tools to analyze the device for evidence of rooting, jailbreaking, malware/spyware, hidden apps, system logs, locations and numerous other data points, providing you with a clear picture of any possible hack. Whether it’s identifying the source of the hack, understanding the extent of compromised data, or help securing your mobile device against future threats, we’re here to guide you every step of the way, ensuring peace of mind.

Legal Cases

Our team of cell phone forensic experts stands at the forefront of legal case support, offering unparalleled expertise in extracting and analyzing mobile device data within the stringent confines of legal standards. With meticulous attention to detail, we navigate through complex data structures to retrieve crucial evidence, from call histories and text messages to app data and geolocation information. Our findings are meticulously documented and presented in comprehensive reports, tailored for legal proceedings. Whether it’s for litigation, dispute resolution, or compliance matters, our experts provide authoritative insights and, when necessary, expert testimony, ensuring that digital evidence is both compelling and court-admissible. Trust Elite Digital Forensics to bring clarity and precision to your legal challenges, leveraging the power of mobile forensics to support your case.

Malware/ Spyware Investigations
Deleted Data Recovery

We specialize in advanced forensic malware and spyware investigation to see if your phone has been compromised or infected. In addition our expertise extends into the intricate realm of deleted data recovery, a process that is particularly dynamic when it comes to mobile devices. The ability to recover lost or intentionally deleted information is heavily influenced by the specific make, model, and operating system of the device in question, presenting a unique set of challenges and opportunities for each investigation. Our team is adept at navigating these complexities, employing advanced forensic techniques to unearth data that may seem irretrievably lost. From personal photos and messages to critical business documents, we delve deep into the digital fabric of mobile devices to retrieve valuable evidence, providing our clients with comprehensive insights and the potential to turn the tide in their favor.

Cell Phone Forensic Experts

Cell Phone Forensic Services

In today’s digital age, our phones often hold the key to unlocking crucial evidence. These mobile devices serve as silent witnesses, carrying a vault of information right in the palm of our hands. From your pocket to the courtroom, they can be the linchpin in countless investigations. We can extract and analyze data from thousands of different devices and operating systems including comprehensive iPhone Forensics, Android Forensics, iCloud Forensics, Phone Backup Forensics. Below are examples of cases where cell phone forensics can be invaluable.

Legal Cases:

  • Cell Phone Forensics: Services for criminal, divorce, civil and all other legal cases. 
  • Expert Witnesses: Specialized in providing expert cell phone forensic services for legal proceedings, including evidence collection, detailed analysis, location mapping, comprehensive reporting and expert testimony.

Phone Hacking & Malware/Spyware Investigations:

  • Finding evidence of malware/spyware: Analysis of device for malware/viruses and unauthorized spyware apps or software installations.
  • Hacking: Analyzing the device to identify evidence of hacking and the extent of the hack. 

Social Media Investigations:

  • Profile Authenticity: Verifying the legitimacy of suspicious profiles to identify potential catfishing or impersonation.
  • Online Threats: Analyzing messages or posts for evidence in cases of threats or intimidation made via social media platforms.
  • Defamation Cases: Tracing back defamatory statements, images, or videos shared on social platforms.
  • Evidence of Association: Identifying links or affiliations between individuals based on shared content, tagged photos, or direct messages.
  • Intellectual Property Breaches: Investigating unauthorized sharing or use of copyrighted materials, such as images, videos, or other proprietary content.

Criminal Investigations:

  • Violent Crimes: Tracing calls, messages, or location data around the time of the incident.
  • Kidnappings: Identifying the last known location or communication from the victim’s device.
  • Drug trafficking: Analyzing contact lists, messages, or calls between suspects.

Background Checks:

  • Employment Verification: Examining phone records to cross-check and verify employment history and professional references.
  • Character Assessment: Analyzing texts, calls, and saved media for any red flags that may question an individual’s integrity or reliability.
  • Association Monitoring: Identifying frequent contacts or communication patterns to ascertain associations, which could be important for positions requiring high security clearance.
  • Financial Misconduct: Searching for evidence of undisclosed financial troubles, gambling habits, or associations with suspicious entities.
  • Undisclosed Activities: Discovering any undisclosed activities or involvements that might conflict with the interests of a potential employer or partner.
  • Illegal Activity Evidence: Scrutinizing stored data for any indications of criminal activities or associations.
  • Digital Footprint Review: Extracting and reviewing browser history, app usage, and saved documents to provide a more comprehensive understanding of an individual’s online behavior and preferences.

Corporate Espionage:

  • Unauthorized data transfers: Checking for evidence of business data being sent out.
  • Communications with competitors: Identifying potential leaks or collaborations.

Fraud Investigations:

  • Identity theft: Analyzing stored personal data or related communications.
  • Insurance fraud: Tracking location data to refute false claims.

Family Law Cases:

  • Custody battles: Identifying any inappropriate content or communications that might determine fitness as a parent.
  • Infidelity investigations: Searching for evidence of extramarital communications or encounters.

Cyberbullying & Harassment Cases:

  • Tracking down anonymous messages: Unmasking those responsible for sending malicious communications.
  • Analyzing message threads: Establishing a record of harassment or stalking behavior.

Missing Persons Investigations:

  • Locating the last known whereabouts: Utilizing location data or checking the last active apps/social media.
  • Establishing a communication trail: Checking recent calls or messages for potential leads.

Employee Misconduct:

  • Misuse of company phone: Checking for non-business related activity or unauthorized installations.
  • Leaking sensitive information: Identifying instances where internal documents or data might have been shared.

Recovery of Lost or Deleted Data:

  • Accidental deletions: Retrieving important documents, photos, or communications.
  • System failures: Restoring data from phones that have malfunctioned.

Some Words From Our Clients

"Working with Elite Digital Forensics is a real benefit to my clients, there’s a knowledge, understanding of how cases work, and creativity for building defense theories that is a real value to the process. I will continue to use them as my forensic experts of choice. "

Attorney Jeffery Higgins

"Very professional and easy to work with, they were able to assist me in recovering deleted text messages from my phone."

Keith Stanfield Client

"I used them on a case last month involving cell phone forensics and they uncovered alibi evidence that resulted in charges being dropped. Their experience and knowledge is exceptional".

Attorney Larry Avallone Client

"The forensic experts at Elite Digital Forensics were fantastic to work with they analyzed a laptop computer for me that one of my employees was using and were able to uncover a lot of valuable evidence".

Kara Groat Business Manager

"I used them on a cyber investigation involving email and internet forensics and they were able to help me properly locate the evidence I needed".

Brett Hays Client

"Great cyber investigators and very easy to work with! Had them analyze a small server and a laptop and they were able to locate the evidence I was looking for."

Michelle T. Client

"When I suspected my phone was hacked, I turned to Elite Digital Forensics. Their team conducted a comprehensive analysis and uncovered hidden malware that was compromising my personal information. Their swift action and detailed report helped me secure my phone and protect my data. I'm impressed by their technical prowess and dedication to client safety."

Michael Johnston Client


    • Analyzed a laptop ssd drive to uncover evidence of employee misconduct.
    • Uncovered evidence of a persons cell phone being hacked. 
    • Recovered over 500 deleted text messages from an Apple iPhone 5
    • Testified as a subject matter expert in a murder trial about cell phone forensics.
    • Analyzed an Apple iPhone to extract and map location data to show an accused person was not in the area during the timeframe they were accused of a felony offense.
    • Completed cell phone investigation on an iPhone to uncover evidence of a compromise for client.
    • Analyzed a Samsung Phone to recover deleted pictures and texts for an divorce investigation. 
    • Analyzed an Apple iPhone to locate chat messages as part of a criminal defense investigation. 
    • Analyzed and mapped ATT&T call detail records and cell towers for a law firm to show a person was not in a crime when it occurred. 
    • Consulted on a case and provided expert testimony for a law firm on cell phone forensics.
    • If you need  Cell Phone Forensic Services contact us today.

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