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Mobile Forensics


Cell phones and mobile devices are the single best source of evidence in today's society. They contain vast amounts of data which can be critical in every type of case. We can forensically acquire and analyze data from all smartphones as well as back up files contained on a computer or in the cloud. Often times we don't even need the device to get you the data you need to win. Data types on cell phones include, call logs, texts, emails, internet history,  chats, app data, contacts, maps, locations and much more! We can also  recover deleted data depending on the type of phone and make and model. 

Your cell phone likely contains more personal data than your wallet. It is a  repository of every number you have ever called, every website you’ve  used it to visit, every text you’ve ever sent, your location at any  given time (as well as where you’ve gone in the past) and a host of  other information. Cell phones can provide a treasure trove of data for investigators and the data frequently helps solve cases and win in  court.

Cell phone forensics can be used for a variety of cases and situations. The data from these devices can be vital to proving or disproving material facts or just for peace of mind. Some examples of cases and how it can be used are listed below.

1. Proving or disproving people were communicating via text, chats or calling each other. This could be important in criminal cases where the content of the communication is important to show the parties knew each other. It could also be important in divorce and child custody cases, especially where adultery is suspected as it can be used to recover deleted texts between the two parties.

2. Proving or disproving people were at specific locations, cell phones contain significant amounts of location-based data which can be critical to a case. This is especially important in criminal cases where an alibi is a defense. We can gather location data from the device to show where it was. 

3. Demonstrating what websites were visited and when, we can examine the complete internet history of a device, which could be important to show the search terms and sites a person visited. 

4. Recovering pictures and videos, sent and received. This could be important in both criminal cases as well as family law cases. 

5. Cellebrtie data extractions.

These are just a few examples of how cell phone and mobile evidence can be used. 

NOTE: We require a written consent to search form or proper legal compliance to examine any device or data.

Below is just a very small  sample of real cases we have worked.

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If you’re not looking at cell phone evidence in every case you are missing valuable evidence!




An individual was accused of a felony offense, this person swore they didn’t commit and that they were not even in town when it occurred. We examined their cell phone and were able to show that they were in fact in another town when the offense took place. This led to charges being dropped.




A spouse was suspected of being unfaithful, we examined the phone and recovered deleted texts which proved the adultery. In addition, we recovered texts about purchasing gifts for the mistress and location data that put them at a hotel when they were supposed to be working.

Corporate espionage


A corporation suspected that one of their senior employees was going to be leaving for another company. In addition, they suspected he might be using his company issued cell phone to provide proprietary information to this other company before he resigned. They didn’t monitor any of the activity on company cell phones and wanted to recover any deleted data from the device. We examined the device and recovered deleted messages about the internal workings and process of the company as well as an emailed client list and other important evidence that was being shared.


  An individual was accused of a felony sex crime when his girlfriend’s spouse found out about the affair and he was subsequently accused of rape. We were able to analyze his phone and prove it was a consensual relationship.  

Peace of Mind

  Spouse suspected her significant other was cheating or sexting behind her back, the other half denies the allegations and provided their cell phone for examination. We recovered a significant amount of deleted data and there was no evidence they were engaged in any adulteress activities, giving the spouse peace of mind. 

Insurance Fraud

  An individual filed a claim indicating his expensive car was stolen and later burned. Stating he had nothing to hide he provided his cell phone for examination. We recovered deleted evidence of his plan to burn out the car as well as location-based evidence that put him in the area when the vehicle fire took place.